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Changing social behaviors begins with learning the "why". Why is it important that people turn off phones while driving? Why do we need to keep our eyes and minds on driving? What do the statistics show us about this growing problem? Click the image to the right to link to multiple websites and information about distracted driving.

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Attend Events

Please get involved by attending the Just Drive Day walks in your area or by registering your "Ride" in the Annual Ride for Robert. Contribute to our foundation so that we can continue this important work. Contact your representatives and ask them to  help us change this horrifying social trend - attitudes have to change. People have to understand just how dangerous this behavior is and how devastating the resulting crashes are. Eleven people die EVERY DAY as a result of distracted driving - research shows that it is now more dangerous than drinking and driving! Help us change this trend.

Show your Support and
Change  your Behavior

We hope that, first and foremost, you'll support our cause and our charitable endeavors. We can make a difference with your help. And while you do that, we hope that you'll change your own behavior - that you'll commit to drive without distractions - put away and turn off your phone, put on your makeup at home, read at your leisure not in a traffic jam - stay aware of your surroundings - pay attention while you drive!

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